We take your bank details the day of the fitting. The payments are then made into your account via BACS transfer at the end of each month.

Three weeks into the campaign you will be asked to complete a short form which will require you to upload photos of your car and a mileage reading. If this is returned by Thursday 5pm we will check it and make payments will be made before the following Monday. If returned after this time then payments will be made the following Friday. This process repeats each month until the end of the campaign. 

The payments will appear on your statement as coming from "Transferwise Ltd". 

All payments are made on the following schedule -
2 month campaign: 30% at the end of month 1, 70% at the end of month 2
3 month campaign: 20% at the end of month 1, 20% at the end of month 2, 60% at the end of month 3

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